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                POWECOM KN95

                The Powecom KN95 Protective Mask is authorized by FDA (based on EUA authorization).

                Disposable protective mask

                POWECOM Flat mask

                Daily protection, home standing, including melt blown cloth.

                Industrial dust and gas masks

                Dust/Gas Mask

                Industrial protection is not lax, dustproof, gas mask to protect workers


                US white list KN95

                The Powecom KN95 Protective Mask is authorized by FDA (based on EUA authorization)

                for protection against particulate, PM2.5 smog, powder, dust, Non-oil particles, Non-toxic solid

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                EU CE certification FFP2

                with CE certificate issued by CCQS, Notify Body no: 2834.

                Particle Filtering Half Mask (with CE)

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                Non woven Protective masks

                Disposable non woven protective mask


              2. Model:DM95 Protective masks
              3. Specifications:50pcs
              4. Executive standard:Q/GZBWK 5-2020
              5. DL003

              6. Model:DL003 Protective masks
              7. Specifications:50pcs
              8. Executive standard:Q/GZBWK 5-2020
              9. F63

              10. Model:F63 Protective masks
              11. Specifications:50pcs
              12. Executive standard:Q/GZBWK 5-2020
              13. about us

                POWECOM Company profile

                Guangzhou Powecom Labor Insurance Supplies Co., Ltd founded in 2009, is a leader in functional masks . The company has 100000 grade and 300000 grade clean workshops, and is equipped with advanced production equipment. There are 300 mask production lines, with production of 15 million masks per day. The main products of POWECOM are kn95 protective masks, CE protective masks, surgical masks, disposable masks, cup masks, N95 protective masks, cup masks with valve, activated carbon masks, gas filter masks and accessories. The products have passed GB, YY / T, en149 certification (CE certification, certification body is CE2834), and some products have been benchmarked with NIOSH N95 standard. The company has introduced German meltblown cloth production equipment, which can produce high quality meltblown cloth.Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Powecom is the major suppliers of the epidemic prevention materials in Guangdong Province and Guangzhou city. It is a "white list" enterprise urgently used by China, the United States and the European Union. Powecom has supplied more than 1 billion epidemic prevention masks to the world .

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                founded in
                production lines
                thousand grade clean workshops
                million masks per day

                Non woven Protective masks

                Disposable non woven protective mask


              14. Model:KT01 Children's mask
              15. Specifications:10pcs
              16. Executive standard:GB/T 38880-2020
              17. A10

              18. Model:A10 Protective masks
              19. Specifications:10pcs
              20. Executive standard:Q/GZBWK 5-2020
              21. 9903

              22. Model:9903 Protective masks
              23. Specifications:10pcs
              24. Executive standard:YY/T 0969 2013
              25. GB2626 Folding mask

                In line with the national standard, gb2626 standard


              26. Model:9600 dust masks
              27. Specifications:10pcs
              28. Executive standard:GB2626-2006
              29. 9600-blue

              30. Model:9600 dust masks
              31. Specifications:10pcs
              32. Executive standard:GB2626-2006
              33. 9611-white

              34. Model:9611 dust masks
              35. Specifications:10pcs
              36. Executive standard:GB2626-2006
              37. 1860

              38. Model:1800 dust masks
              39. Specifications:60pcs
              40. Executive standard:GB2626-2006
              41. 1866

              42. Model:1866 dust masks
              43. Specifications:60pcs
              44. Executive standard:GB2626-2006
              45. 9700V

              46. Model:9700v dust masks
              47. Specifications:30pcs
              48. Executive standard:GB2626-2006
              49. Non woven Protective masks

                Disposable non woven protective mask


              50. Model:3600 Gas / Dust masks
              51. Specifications:1pcs
              52. 3900

              53. Model:3900 Gas / Dust masks
              54. Specifications:1pcs
              55. 3800

              56. Model:3800 Dust masks
              57. Specifications:1pcs
              58. 3700

              59. Model:3700 Dust masks
              60. Specifications:1pcs
              61. 8200

              62. Model:8200 Dust masks
              63. Specifications:1pcs
              64. 8200-1

              65. Model:8200-1 Dust masks
              66. Specifications:1pcs



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