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                A leader in making functional masks  
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                KN95  MASK

                CE FFP2 headband

                CE FFP2 earloop



                Factory Address:

                43 Tuanjie Road, Tuanjie Industrial Zone, Huadu District, Guangzhou 510800, CHINA

                Tel+86 - 20 - 86600663

                Fax+86 -20 - 36092323

                Service     400 - 008 - 5933



                Overseas Sales:


                Mob : +86 18122791486




                Mob:  +86-13560079832

                E-mail: vicky@powecom.com



                Mob: +86-15889964600














                3-Ply Disposable Masks (with CE)

                non-sterile Disposable Medical Mask        Model No:  9903

                Comply with Standard:  EN14683: 2019+AC:2019


                      Specification: 17.5 x 9.5 cm
                             Comply with China's Standard: YY/T 0969-2013


                           with FDA Certificate of Registration



                Standard:  EN14683: 2019+AC:2019


                Model No:  9903


                Packing:  50 pcs/Box,  40boxes,  2000 pcs / carton


                Carton Size:     L*W*H 52 x42 x35cm after packing
                Volume:            0.076CBM /carton

                Gross Weight:  8.32KG /carton

                Volume Weight: 12.8 KG/carton


                OKSAFE company has production license for Medical Device OKSAFE is a member of POWECOM GROUP














                Welcome more importers to be POWECOM distributors for :

                POWECOM brand :

                KN95 masks,   CE FFP2 NR masks,  Kid's  Masks,   Cup shape Masks,  3-ply Disposable masks,  Gas Masks,  Dust respirators etc.


                OKSAFE brand :

                Medical Folding masks,  Surgical masks,   disposable medical masks
















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