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                A leader in making functional masks  
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                HOME CONTACT US

                KN95  MASK

                CE FFP2  MASK



                Factory Address:

                43 Tuanjie Road, Tuanjie Industrial Zone, Huadu District, Guangzhou 510800, CHINA

                Tel+86 - 20 - 86600663

                Fax+86 -20 - 36092323



                Exporting Department


                Mob: +86 13922482772




                Mob : +86 13560079832

                E-mail: vicky@powecom.com



                Mob: +86 18122791486




                Mob: +86-15889964600




                Mob: +86-18127900696













                Welcome to Working with You

                Awaiting you to be our partner

                Brands including POWECOM  &  OKSAFE  


                Output Productivity:   can daily produce over 6,000,000 pcs of nonwoven face masks,  include Folding Masks, Disposable Masks

                we can produce about 1.5 million of KN95 folding masks Each Day

                we can produce about 4 million of 3-ply civil Disposable Face Masks Each Day

                we can produce about 0.8 million CE certified FFP2 NR folding masks  Each Day


                Our Group specialize in production of various kinds of face masks, such as KN95 folding masks(4-ply),  KN90 folding mask(4-ply), Disposable masks(3-ply mask, 4-ply mask), Headband style folding dust masks, near-N95 class Folding Masks( 4-ply ), cup masks , Surgical Mask , Medical Protective Masks , active carbon masks, PM2.5 masks, Face mask with Valve, Children Masks, etc.


                 OKSAFE Medical Equipment Co., Ltd  is a member of POWECOM GROUP ,  founded by powecom  


                In addition to nonwoven masks, POWECOM is expert in production of Gas Masks, Particulate Respirators, Silicone masks, Rubber masks, Dust Respirators, PU ear plugs, Silicone ear plugs, noise-proof earplugs, etc.

                Numbers of Workers more than 380 full-time workers

                Product Facility more than 120 sets,  over 90 production lines

                Dust-free Workshops for Medical Face Masks 3000 square meters

                R&D The Powecom R&D Center






                Quality First  &  Attractive Cooperation Policies

                Thanks to huge production capacity and good quality, our masks popularly recognized by our partners in different countries. In addition to products in our own brands, we are expecting to better serve you by making OEM or ODM face masks, gas masks, ear plugs, etc.

                Please Email to :  272@powecom.com


















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                Tel+86-20-86600663 Fax+86-20-36092323


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