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                A leader in making functional masks  
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                Factory Address:

                43 Tuanjie Road, Tuanjie Industrial Zone, Huadu District, Guangzhou 510460, CHINA

                Tel:+86 - 20 - 86600663

                Service :   400 - 008 - 5933

                Mob Service : 13903056762

                Fax:+86 -20 - 36092323


                in Chinese:www.powecom.com




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                Brands including "POWECOM", "OKSAFE" and "BWK"

                Guangzhou Powecom Safety Goods Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a leading maker of Face Masks Surgical Masks and Gas Masks and Dust Respirators in China.

                Headerquarter in Hong Kong, the POWECOM GROUP is consisted of Guangzhou Powecom Safety Goods Manufacturing Co.,Ltd(factory), Powecom Medical Products HK Co Ltd, Guangzhou Zunbou Safety Goods Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Renhe Tindi Safety Goods Factory, and Renhe YILI Belts Factory. Our companies are specialied in PPE and ocupational products: Dudst masks, Gas Masks, Particulate Respirators, replaceable accessories, Ear plugs, Gloves and medical masks.

                At present, covering area of 20,000 sqm, Guangzhou Powecom Safety Goods Manufacturing Co.,Ltd has been a long term leader & expert in functional masks. We have very clean dust-free workshops, large warehouses and advanced Testing Lab, high-efficient Automatic Production Lines as well as automatic packaing equipment.

                Make and export Dust masks, Non-woven masks, PM2.5 preventive masks, Surgical masks, Gas Masks, Cup masks(moulded masks) , Particulate Respirators, Flat masks, Disposable masks, Active Carbon Masks, Silicone masks, Rubber masks, Dust Respirators, PU ear plugs, Silicone ear plugs, noise-proof earplugs, etc.


                WELCOME DEALERS for your markets

                Thanks to huge production capacity and good quality, our masks popularly recognized by our partners in different countries. In addition to products in our own brands, we are expecting to better serve you by making OEM or ODM face masks, gas masks, ear plugs, etc.








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                Tel:+86-20-86600663     Fax:+86-20-36092323


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