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                CONTACT US

                KN95  MASK

                CE FFP2 headband

                CE FFP2 earloop

                HOT PRODUCTS

                POWECOM NEWS


                Factory Address:

                43 Tuanjie Road, Tuanjie Industrial Zone, Huadu District, Guangzhou 510800, CHINA

                Tel:+86 - 20 - 86600663

                Fax:+86 -20 - 36092323










                News and Brifing


                1. GOOD NEWS:

                   POWECOM factory is receiving the new Melt Blown Filter Cotton Production Line which are all new MADE IN GERMANY 



                2. GOOD NEWS: The local Government of Hua Du district of Guangzhou city  offered a large lot of industrial land to POWECOM GROUP, to support PPE products production/ development of POWECOM company

                3. POWECOM use Anti-counterfeit technology and Anti-Fake Sticker for genuine Powecom brand KN95 protective masks

                    Since 15 May,2020,  there's an Anti-fake sticker pasted on each poly bag of KN95 masks,  meanwhile there is one Anti-fake sticker on each carton

                    scrape off the coating of the anti-fake sticker, visit  www.powecom.com  and   

                     click the navigation "ANTI-FAKE CHECK"  to verify.

                    Input the numbers shown on the sticker.  The security numbers (serial numbers) are unique for each sticker.

                    Only valid serial numbers existing in our technical databank can be verified.


                4. (link to page): Instructions for Use,  for POWECOM KN95 protective masks

                5.  Daily production capacity of KN95 masks  reached  about 3 million pcs  since April, 2020
                6. POWECOM new factory that covers area of 20,000 started operation since 30 June, 2015

                7. POWECOM production base  in HuaDu district, Guangzhou, Postal Code 510800

                8. link to page:  Photos of the large factory #1 of POWECOM




























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                Copyright 2020   Guangzhou Powecom Labor Insurance Supplies Co., Ltd 

                Tel:+86-20-86600663    Fax:+86-20-36092323


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